Terms & Conditions

1. The person should be above 18 years to be active member of this organization and without any criminal background.

2. The person should be physically and mentally strong (Special Person Define First) and willing to work for the organization individually or in a group and travel at his own expenses, if needed.

3. A person is selected and can be removed by the Founder Trustee/Chairperson or core group without notice or giving reason for misconduct, misbehavior, indiscipline.

4. The member is willing to work obey the Founder/Chairperson and core group.

5. The member will give his best effort to fulfil objective and task assigned to him or her.

6. Member should attend the general meetings and participate fully and have to intimate through mail or written application for being absent, 2 days before the meeting.

7. The general meetings will be held half yearly. Other committee meetings will be held according to the requirements.

8. Meetings will be headed by Founder Trustee/Chairperson and the core group.

9. The Founder Trustee/Chairperson has the supreme power to form or diffuse a core group, members.

10. It is duty of a member to obey and give due respect to the chairperson and the core group.

11. Membership Fee should be paid with Application Form. On rejection of Application the Membership Fee will be refunded in a week.

12. No interest can be claimed on the membership fee, if the application is rejected.

13. In case of any dispute the legal jurisdiction shall be Jharkhand High Court in Ranchi only.