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Just born Babygirl found abandoned at terrace in Chittorgarh Rajasthan
It’s a justborn baby, but they took ‘Her’ as Kittens’

 Baby Girl found left alone in Rajasthan

left hurt on terrace, police lodged an FIR

26 July 2022. Tuesday, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

Justborn Babygirl found abandoned at terrace in Chittorgarh Rajasthan

She was crying, but they took her crying as kittens’ meowing. Many hours passed. The crying did not stop. Then, they went upstairs to look into the matter. They were shocked to see a justborn baby with her umbilical cord there.

 Paalonaa received this information while surfing google. According to the local media reports, A just born baby girl was found left alone in Gandhinagar of Chittorgarh. On Tuesday, she was found in the middle of junk on the roof of Rajasthan Steels. This shop is located near Anokha Hanuman Mandir in Kotwali Police Station. She is under treatment in SNCU at the Government Women and Child Hospital. She is reportedly recovering well. The local police is trying to find out the truth of baby.

Baby found in Junk on Terrace

According to reports, the showroom owner, Mr. Mohammad Azhar, had been hearing crying coming from the roof since 12 pm that afternoon. However, he dismissed them as being cats. They were very common in the locality. But the crying continued until 4 PM in the evening. Then, he went to the roof. Mr. Shahid Hussain Lohar and Mr. Mohammad Anas also went him. 

Here, they found the baby lying among scrap. Her umbilical cord (the connecting cord between an unborn baby and mother) was still attached to her. She was badly hurt. They informed the police. With the help of local youth, they admitted the baby to SNCU of the hospital. According to doctors, she’s premature (born too early) and underweight (just 1900 g). 

It was raining heavily

It was raining heavily since last day. Locals think that surviving of justborn baby in such condition is not less than a miracle. Kotwali police has initiated an investigation. It has also lodged an FIR under IPC 317. There’s a whispering that the adjacent (next to the place, where the baby is found) girls hostel might have thrown the baby on the roof.

It’s unfortunate that the baby was left alone in a cruel way. But, it’s great that she’s rescued and now recovering. 

justborn baby found in chittorgarh

What PaaLoNaa Thinks

If police will see the facts very closely, they will be able to crack the case. This baby girl must be from any of nearby buildings. A similar case took place in Panipat, Haryana, last year.

Abandoning a justborn baby in unsafe condition is truly a inhuman crime. Parents have option of Safe Surrender. If they are unwilling to raise their children, they can opt Safe Surrender

What is Safe Surrender

Safe Surrender is a government policy for those children, who are almost at the point of being left alone or killed.. Indian citizens can surrender their child to Child Welfare Committee (CWC) of their district. They will also get 02 month period to rethink about their decision. After the waiting period, the will go to adoption pool.

(This report is written by Siddharth Harish Pillai, Student of IIM, Ranchi under the Internship program of PaaLoNaa)


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PaaLoNaa News, Rajasthan

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