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Harda: mother killed her newborn daughter

Did the baby pay for two slaps? 

She tried to frame her husband for murder.

19 February 2023, Sunday, Harda, Madhya Pradesh.

This is a case of Madhya Pradesh, where a woman killed her 10 days old baby. Not only that, but she also stages a play to prove his husband guilty for murdering the baby and be sentenced. She wants him behind the bar, just to take revenge for two slaps. During the investigation, she confessed her crime. 


PaaLoNaa got this information through JJB member of Bhopal Mr Kripa Shankar Chaube, who shared a news report with us.  This incident took place in the evening of Saturday, 19 February 2023. The lady Puja Banjara came to her parents’ house in Sohagpur village of Timrini thana area, Harda. She came there after a fight with her husband Sanju Banjara. She brought her 10 days old daughter Sandhya with her. 

 Puja murdered her own daughter and informed everyone in the family that her husband Sanju had murdered the child.

 On Sunday, the matter was reported to police.  Puja put allegations on her husband Sanju and told them that Sanju had murdered the child.

 But during investigation, it was found that the husband was absent from the place of the murder. After being questioned by the police, the lady confesses her crime. She said that she herself killed her daughter by strangling her. Late at night the police registered an FIR and arrested her.  

According to Puja, she was tired of daily fights and assaults. Sanju was an alcoholic and a suspicious person by nature. On Wednesday they again had a fight. She was slapped by him and felt insulted

Puja told them that on Saturday eve, her daughter was crying. She tried to console her but failed. In the fit of anger, she choked her baby to death. When her anger cooled down, she realized that her baby is no more. 

मौके पर जांच महिला व उसके परिजनों से पूछताछ करती पुलिस।

During the postmortem of the child’s body, we found traces of fingernails on her neck and fingers. It was confirmed that the baby was choked to death, said Dr. Kishori Prasad. 

SHO Timrini, Mr. Sushil Patel told the local media that the mother was arrested for committing murder.

Similar case of Infanticide by mother is seen in Mp, where a woman killed her four-day old baby by putting her foot on his neck. 

She’s a rape victim. the woman was raped on dec 2022. The 19-year-old girl reported this to police and the rapist was arrested and sentenced. But she became pregnant following which she gave birth to the boy. Shortly after birth the child was killed. The reason of Infanticide is very strange. According to the mother, she killed her newborn, so that he can’t demand rights in the property later. After committing the crime, with help of her brother, she buried the dead body in the woods. They are currently in police custody.

Media Perspective 

The media criticized the mother in very harsh language. They topped the article with headings like “kalyug ki maa” which shows the media’s anger towards this incident. As in Indian culture, mother is on the same ground as God. And kalyug which is also known as the end of all yuga’s. Here we are moving towards the decline of our culture and moral values. Kalyug ki maa gives a sense that maternal love is diminishing from the mother. 

Postpartum depression 

We would also like to draw the reader’s attention towards postpartum depression. It’s a type of depression that happens during pregnancy and after the delivery. Puja mentioned that she was unable to control her anger. This may be because of postpartum depression. 

Having a child is a life-changing experience.  It’s normal to have feelings of worry, doubt or anger to some extent, but if your feelings include extreme sadness or loneliness, severe mood swings, it may be the symptoms of postpartum depression. It affects up to 15% of people. Postpartum depression can be treated with medication and counseling.  

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Paa Lo Naa Perspective

  1. it’s advisable to consult a psychiatrist if anybody feels depressive. 
  2. A normal day to day fight between husband and wife can be seen in every household. But if it crosses the mark of causal fights and turn into assaults whether physical or mental, it should be reported to police. And lawful action should be taken. 
  3. IPC sec. 498 (A) states that whoever, being the husband or the relative of the husband of a woman, subject such woman to cruelty, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years or shall also be liable to fine. There is no need to go to such an extent to snatch the life of an innocent child. 

 If the woman has taken the correct measure instead of such a twisted method, maybe she can achieve her goal without committing crime. To end an innocent life is no way justified from both the perspective of a human or a mother.  


A Report by Sneha Sharma, Student of Amity University (Under Internship Project)

Madhya Pradesh, PaaLoNaa News

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